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 David's Web 

 Rises above "faddish"
 search engine placement
 schemes and trends by
 using an ethical, yet
 powerful, search engine
 marketing strategy.

 Offers full-service search
 engine optimization and
 search engine placement
 services for companies
 that depend on great
 web site visibility for
 marketing, exposure,
 sales, and e-business.

 Uses elite, cutting-edge
 search engine placement
 techniques to bring most
 astonishing top ten
 search engine placement
 results in a relatively
 short amount of time.

 Gives your company a
 superior edge in online
 website visability by
 using elite search
 engine optimization

 Saves clients' money by
 drastically reducing
 traditional media
 advertising costs and
 increasing brand
 promotion as well as
 website visibility.

Website Visibility

Magnifying Glass
Website Visibility Description

 The Critical Factor

 What is the critical factor that can turn a
 struggling online business into a successful
 one? The answer is website visibility!

 If potential customers find the product or
 service they need on your site before they
 find your competitors, chances are, you'll
 get the sale! But before you spend
 thousands of dollars advertising your
 website on the major search engines,
 we would like to share with you our
 time-tested marketing plan.

 A Proven Strategy

 The best way to obtain great website
 visibility is to market your product or
 service to a specific audience.This is
 accomplished by using targeted keywords
 and by linking to popular sites dealing with
 similar subject matter.

 Targeted Keywords

 Choosing targeted keywords is the first
 step in obtaining great website visibility.
 Keywords are what we refer to as the
 "spark plugs" of internet marketing and
 website promotion. Since they are so
 significant, keywords should be carefully
 chosen and strategically placed on each
 page of your website in order to obtain
 optimum search engine rankings. Robots or
 web "spiders" will pick up these keywords
 and index your site for web surfers to find.

 The Christ-Centered Store currently holds
 several top ten search engine rankings
 in the most elite search engines. As a
 result, our website receives thousands of
 unique page hits daily from visitors all over
 the world! By using our five services listed
 below, we can help your company achieve
 similar results, making your company's
 web site highly visible.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Placement

Search Engine Positioning

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Promotion

 Link Popularity

 The second step in obtaining great
 website visability is to increase your site's
 page rank by linking to other high-trafficked
 websites which offer similar products. For
 example, when your online storefront is
 connected with the extensive indexing of
 the Christ-Centered Store, your website
 and introduction page will begin to index
 more quickly and favorably on the search
 engines! Just as a small store can bring in
 traffic when placed in a busy mall, quality
 visitors will inevitably find your storefront
 when you promote your site on the ultimate
 Christian marketing and advertising
 platform: The Christ-Centered Store.

 Closing Statement

 Effective web visibility strategies depend
 on knowing a business and its products as
 well as understanding the Internet's vast
 opportunities and limitations. We at the
 Christ-Centered Store aim to personalize
 our marketing knowledge and experience
 by catering to the specific needs and goals
 of each Christian merchant. By carefully
 implementing our time-tested advertising
 strategies, we can effectively boost your
 company's website visibility and increase
 its bottom line.

 For more information on promoting your
 products and services to web shoppers,
 please view our Advertising Packages.

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